Decades Of Investing Excellence With A Focus On The Long Term

Safari Asset Management LLC is built on the principles of disciplined investing for the long term and providing outstanding service to our customers, vendors, investors and partners.

Our investment strategy revolves around the following key factors:

  • Investing in what we understand and know well
  • Having ample patience and letting the power of compounding work
  • Keeping emotions out of investing decisions and management of the portfolio
  • Diversified portfolio encompassing multiple asset classes
  • Sound cash-flow and reserve management
  • Maintaining cost controls and eliminating unnecessary expenses
  • Disciplined risk management
  • Tax efficiency
  • Keeping a keen eye on market trends through continuous research
  • Being prepared for the inevitable corrections in asset classes
  • Listening to the needs of our customers, vendors, investors and partners
  • Actively seeking opportunities in all asset classes

These principles have helped Safari Asset Management LLC develop and grow its portfolio significantly over time, and provided a solid foundation for continued success in the future.

PLEASE NOTE: Safari Asset Management LLC was established in Tampa, FL in 2011. We are a reputable company that treats its customers, tenants, vendors, investors and partners with the utmost respect and sincerity. We operate transparently and provide our contact information to everyone that we associate or transact with, and are easily reachable by mail, email and phone.

We are NOT in any way associated with recently formed entities with confusingly similar names to ours including “Safari One Asset Company LLC” and “Safari Two Asset Company LLC”. Please do not contact us with any queries in relation to those entities as we have no link to them whatsoever.